Abrand Future Friendly
Abrand Future Friendly
Eco Washed Denim

The founders of Abrand Jeans have always been driven by changing the game. 

All of our denim is made with sustainability in mind. Minimising our water usage in our laundry process is a project we have been working on from inception.  We realise in the production jeans there can be a lot of water wastage.

Our Future Friendly eco collection takes our water saving to the next level. Water is the most precious resource for the future. We have spent a lot of time working directly with our factories from start to finish, to ensure that when you are wearing your Abrand eco jeans, you will not only look good, but feel good too.

The amount of water used to produce each style of jean can vary depending on the wash processes for individual styles. 30% of that water is recycled on-site for immediate re-use in the laundry (and we’re aiming to get this up to 50% within the next 12 months).

The remainder of the water is transported to an external facility managed by the local authorities where further cleansing processes are applied. After the final cleaning process is done this water is then released back to the laundry for re-use again, as well as the public clean water grid.

With our eco friendly range removal of abrasive chemicals and traditional stonewashing results in 90% less water being used in the washing process of our Future Friendly jeans.

As the custodians of the make-your-butt-look-good foundation, we have worked tirelessly to make sure that each of the Future Friendly fits is exactly the same as our regular jeans. 

We acknowledge we aren't perfect and will always improve our processes when it comes to sustainability.

We can't wait to see you in our new Future Friendly jeans, make sure you tag us on the gram using the hashtag #AbrandFutureFriendly.


Less energy being used when making our Future Friendly jeans means reduced environmental impact.


Recycled water is used in the wash process, and far less water is used in the manufacturing of a standard pair of Abrand jeans.


This is important because it means that the chemicals can be safely broken down when the water waste is disposed.

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